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Company Information

Advantages of Doing Business with Advance Thermal

  • Professional measurements and designs by experienced field engineers.
  • Multiple layers insulation system design with maximum staggering for best performance.
  • Use of premium materials in the removable jackets and covers.
  • Attention to details.
  • Over 30 years hands-on experience with all types of mechanical equipment.
  • Professional installation when required.
  • Professional installation assistance.
  • Easy to read, understand and work with installation drawings for each individual layer.
  • Up to date filing system of projects, that allows replacement of any drawings or blankets for future outages.

How Advance Thermal Works for You...

  • Equipment is measured by well trained, experienced field engineers. Measurements are made quickly, accurately and faxed to our Engineering department for immediate development.

  • Removable insulation covers are custom designed by the industry’s only comprehensive engineering department, aided by a customized CAD system. By “engineering” the covers, gaps, overlaps and bunching is eliminated, and features such as slits, cutouts and sections are added to help the removable insulation covers and jackets fit equipment “like a glove”.

  • Manufacture of the removable covers and jackets are performed by the most advanced and experienced production staff. This significantly reduces manufacturing errors that can cause installation problems, premature wear and speeds the manufacturing process.

  • Each removable insulation cover and jacket are carefully checked by the Quality Control department before being packaged for shipping. Manufacturing quality, material correctness and dimensional verification are checked according to the design to avoid on-site problems or delays.

  • Removable Insulation covers and jackets, installation drawings, and repair kits are packaged, clearly-labeled, and shipped to your location for installation. Packing lists can be automatically e-mailed in PDF format when an order ships.

  • If required, experienced installers will install the insulation system.

History of Advance Thermal

ATC was established in 1987 as a design, manufacturing and full service company, providing high quality, low maintenance Engineered Insulation Systems for the industry. In a short time Advance Thermal Corp. (ATC), has become an undisputed leader of the industry. The qualities of the products we provide are in a class by itself.

Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities are beyond reach by any of our competition. ATC is the only company in the industry providing a fully engineered product. We have the only fully comprehensive engineering department in the industry. ATC employs 8 degreed engineers, providing CAD designs and full product patterns to our four fully integrated manufacturing facilities. Linked by Internet, full-scale patterns designed in our central engineering department are plotted in each shop. This allows us to provide a uniform and consistent design of product regardless of what shop it is manufactured in.

Advance Thermal Corp. owns and operates 3 strategically located manufacturing facilities (Illinois, Texas and Connecticut), each representing the state of the art in manufacturing of removable and reusable flexible covers and jackets.

Customer Feedback

I want to thank you and all personnel for the service you provided insulating our steam turbine generator. You answered promptly any and all concerns, provided both confidence in your abilities and organization. The end result meet or exceeded all expectations and I would recommend you and your staff to any vendors that would consider your service. Please pass on the thanks to all who helped in completing this project. Job well done, Thank you!

- Kenneth Gray