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Energy Conservation with the HEATAINER System

Energy conservation and reduced fuel consumption are major reasons for many facilities, in a variety of industries, to utilize HEATAINER removable/reusable insulation covers.

Additionally, many facilities also report dramatic reductions in ambient temperatures in mechanical equipment rooms, boiler plants, steam & high temp hot water distribution tunnels, manholes and process areas.

Facility maintenance personnel will acknowledge that in the normal course of steam or process system maintenance, conventional valve insulation usually gets removed to repair leaks, maintain valves or lubricate joints. Rarely does the insulation get replaced. HEATAINER removable/reusable insulation can be easily removed and re-installed in minutes without any special tools or installation skills.

Energy Savings Analysis

An Advance Thermal insulation energy appraiser, certified by the National Insulation Association, can meet with your facility’s engineering and maintenance personnel. The objective of this initial meeting would be to develop a clear understanding about the various types of systems and processes that are unique to the facility. After pertinent information about fuel costs, boiler efficiencies and other operational details is gathered, a detailed energy savings analysis is generated.

The energy savings analysis will show:

  • Surface temperatures and BTU losses of uninsulated components and piping
  • Projected surface temperatures of insulated components along with recommended insulation thicknesses
  • Payback analysis showing return on investment projections along with expected BTU savings estimates

Removable and Reusable Insulation Blankets and Covers Saves Thousands of Dollars

The University of Louisville saved thousands of energy dollars with removable and reusable insulation covers and blankets. "By insulating a single steam valve, Advance Thermal Corp.’s removable and reusable insulation covers and blankets reduced surface temperature by 283.3F”. Read our case study.

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