Chilled Water, Cryogenic & OEM Applications

Advance Thermal Corp. chilled water covers are manufactured utilizing the in-house developed technology of sealing off outside air from intrusion under the insulation blanket, by means of using a special Silicone™ jacketing material and a special technology of assembling the covers together.

All the penetrations in the covers are sealed with special closed cell foam preventing the intrusion of outside air. Special insulated flaps, (often, as required, with stainless steel clamps, are installed on the protruding pipes or tubing, also ensuring an airtight fit).

Advance Thermal Corp. will field measure fittings and equipment for a perfect fit, since the chilled water covers usually must be manufactured as form fitted, ensuring a tight fit and expected performance.

Like the special chilled water applications, OEM applications often require the knowledge of the technological process, precise engineering detailing, access to a variety of special materials and manufacturing techniques.

Advance Thermal Corp. currently services many OEM manufacturers and has vast experience working with OEM engineers in creating the correct application for their equipment.