S.L.I.M. Manhole and Tunnel Covers

Jackets do not retain water. Comprised of an insulation core of a new revolutionary nano-technology Aerogel® type material, this patented product is unaffected by water, super light, ultra-thin, with built-in drains and anti-mold vents. Uniquely patented (US 7,947,354 B2) by Advance Thermal Corp. (ATC), S.L.I.M. provides thermal insulation even in submerged conditions.

Among the most demanding applications for removable/reusable insulation covers, the steam distribution and district heating manhole steam system covers are the most challenging.

The manholes are often exposed to the elements all year long, in some cases, they flood with sewer or harbor waters. The flooding creates steam which in combination with road salt, sand, and other elements, creates a very harsh environment for any insulation.

Practice shows that even a 304 type stainless steel sheet left in a manhole for a period of one year corrodes and falls apart. Another important need to insulate the pipes and fittings in the manholes is to protect them from rust and corrosion.

A few years ago, working closely with some of the leading fabric manufacturers in the industry, Advance Thermal Corp. introduced STEAMGUARD-1™, a Nomex based Teflon™ film material capable of withstanding the high temperatures and harsh conditions of the manhole environment. Years of testing and verification in manholes helped us develop a unique technology, capable of producing a cover that will not “fall apart”. The cover incorporates special threads, non-corrosive fastener systems, specialty fabrics and insulations.

The Recent introduction of the STEAMGUARD-2™ material provides yet new opportunities. Totally free of substrates that are prone to degradation, the covers made with STEAMGUARD-2™ material will provide years of trouble-free service in most corrosive and demanding environments. Over 750 insulated manholes, as well as hundreds of tunnels and pits, gives Advance Thermal Corp. the right to say: We are the most experienced company in this field! We guarantee results for your special applications!